AED Manufacturers

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Manufacturers

The below listed AED manufacturers are licensed under Health Canada’s Medical Devices Act and are listed on the Active License Listing website.

Heart & Stroke does not recommend or endorse specific products of any single manufacturer or distributor. We encourage you to contact each company to describe your needs, obtain product information and find out how the company can help you establish your AED program. Manufacturers will be able to provide you with a list of Distributors in your area.

Cardiac Science Corporation
Manufacturers of Powerheart AEDs
Cardiac Science
Defibtech, LLC
Manufacturers of Lifeline AEDs
Defibtech, LLC
Philips Healthcare
Manufacturers of HeartStart AEDs
Philips Medical Systems Canada
Physio-Control Inc.
Manufacturers of LIFEPAK AEDs
Physio-Control Inc.
Schiller Americas Inc.
Manufacturers of FRED AEDs
Schiller Americas Inc.
Zoll Medical Corporation
Manufacturers of Zoll AEDs
Zoll Medical Corporation

If you or your company does invest in an AED we strongly encourage you to register it through your provincial AED registry (if available) so that Emergency (9-1-1) Dispatchers can tell callers faced with a sudden cardiac arrest where the nearest AED is.