Ontario Defibrillator Access Initiative

Ontario Defibrillator Access Initiative

The Ontario Defibrillator Access Initiative (ODAI) represents the Government of Ontario’s commitment to improving the cardiac safety of communities across the province. This investment in Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is being directed to publicly-funded, publicly accessible sport and recreation facilities and schools with high recreation and sport use. With this substantial commitment, Ontario will receive another 2,500 AEDs and 25,000 more people will be certified in CPR/AED as a result.

The Government of Ontario is also developing a provincial AED registry to track where defibrillators are currently located and help identify where they need to be. This registry will also provide Emergency Service Workers (EMS) and the public with information on where to locate defibrillators.

There are four main components in placing AEDs under this initiative:

1.    Application and selection of qualified organizations;
2.    Certification of first responders (i.e. CPR-AED training);
3.    Placement of devices and related equipment such as training materials;
4.    Listing of devices on the provincial AED registry once developed.

The ODAI adds to the government’s previous contribution in 2007, which helped the Foundation to deploy over 3,000 defibrillators in public places across Ontario.  This preliminary investment has helped save over 55 lives to date.

There are no fees associated with the Ontario Defibrillator Access Initiative and an AED will come as part of a complete package. In addition, the package includes the following materials and services for every AED that is placed:
•    One set of adult electrode pads and one replacement set;
•    One set of pediatric (infant/child) electrode pads;
•    One installed battery and a backup battery,
•    One display cabinet and signage;
•    Free CPR-AED certification course for at least 10 individuals per device (i.e. employees, frequent facility users);
•    One Family & Friends™ CPR Anytime™ Kit to continue training on CPR-AED; and
•    Listing of the AED on the provincial AED registry once developed.

In addition, each participant is eligible for preferred pricing on any additional AEDs or related AED equipment (i.e. pads, batteries) they purchase during the Initiative.

For further information on this initiative, please visit http://aedprogram.heartandstroke.ca