One hundred and four instructors are now trained to teach Heart&Stroke Standard First Aid CPR/AED, following the first instructor workshop for the just-launched program in Banff on April 29. Enthusiasm for the sell-out workshop was very high, attracting instructors from across Canada. Many of these inaugural graduates shared their appreciation and confidence that the new program will help them save even more lives by providing best-in-class tools to teach Canadians how to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies.

We will be offering instructor courses across the country in the coming months – watch this site for a course near you.

Here are a few comments from instructors following the workshop:


Anthony Seto

I grew up learning CPR & First Aid through swimming lessons. Now, I continue to grow by spreading and re-learning CPR & First Aid with and to others. Teaching lifesaving skills is very fun for me and something I am passionate about. It is satisfying to know my interest in teaching will directly influence lives downstream through the peer-to-peer delivery of lifesaving knowledge and skills. In fact, my prior student recently told me that he was able to resuscitate another person by applying the skills learned by CPR courses.

Chris Brunker

Heart and Stroke gives world leading programs, from CPR, AED, PAD up to ACLS and PALS. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to offer a high quality teaching product for first responders and all communities. Together we are creating more survivors.

Rose Marie Lapada

Saving lives is very important to me. Helping other people to help others save a life makes me proud to be part of it.  Taking HSF course for CPR, CLS, ACLS and now First Aid isa wonderful think I have done. I will use these tools of learning in teaching others.

Terry Lowe

I have received requests in the past from people wanting CPR courses. When they learn that first aid courses are not offered by Heart & Stroke Foundation they have received their courses through other providers. Thank you Heart and Stroke Foundation for listening and taking a proactive approach by developing a First Aid component!!

Brian Seto

This training is beyond just an increase in First Aid/CPR knowledge. It is about being among peers from across Canada, proudly representing the Heart and Stroke Foundation in its very first ILCOR conference; learning the most effective and efficient skills in saving the lives of others.

Kirsty Byers

I am pleased to be part of a new program in first aid training. I am passionate about teaching my students and enjoy the knowledge that they have real life-saving skills when they leave my class. As a Nurse, OHS advisor and mother of 3, there is no skill more important than learning CPR & First Aid!

Safina McIntyre

I have taught with the Heart and Stroke Foundation for over 10 years. I will continue to do so because of their overall mission to create more survivors. I am honoured to be part of that goal.

Kim Dyck

I’m so happy to be part of expanding Heart and Stroke Foundation’s already great courses to reach SO many more people!

David Doucet

I believe it is absolutely great that Heart and Stroke Foundation has started to have first aid programs available for the public to take and learn to help save more lives! Heart and Stroke Foundation is an exceptional organization that proves to be one of the top, dedicating their passion and love to grow.

Rocky Galotta

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s missing link: First Aid!!!

Saud Mohammad

I feel every person should have First Aid and CPR courses to be more prepared to help other people in need. Heart and Stroke Foundation is a credible organization to be part of.

Stephen Nicholl

Because we teach BLS already, it would be great to teach it along with first aid, all under the same umbrella.

Scott Cowan

I appreciate being able to get training resources and materials from one organization rather than having to go through multiple organizations. I really trust the professionalism o HSF materials.