Heartsaver® CPR/AED online program is a three-part comprehensive, blended CPR/AED training course. Part one of the program is a self-directed eLearning course that uses interactive lessons and videos to teach you CPR, AED and the emergency management of choking. This program is for anyone with limited or no medical training who requires an HSF Heartsaver® CPR/AED or Heartsaver® CPR/AED (C) course completion card. In this course you will learn:
  • Adult CPR and AED use
  • Adult relief of choking
  • Child CPR and AED use (optional) 
  • Infant CPR (optional) 
  • Child relief of choking (optional) 
  • Infant relief of choking relief (optional)
CPR instruction includes high quality compressions, airway management, breathing and how to use a CPR mask.
Once you begin the course, you will have access to the online lessons, videos, manuals and resources for one year. You can start and stop the course at your convenience until you have finished, allowing you to work at your own pace.
To receive an HSF Heartsaver® CPR/AED course completion card, students need to successfully complete all three parts of the Heartsaver® course:
  • Part 1:Heartsaver® CPR/AED online course
  • Part 2: A hands on skills practice session with an authorized HSF BLS or Heartsaver® instructor within 60 days
  • Part 3: A hands-on skills test with an authorized HSF BLS or Heartsaver® instructor within 60 days.
** For students who require a Heartsaver® CPR/AED (C) completion card, successful completion of skills in Adult Child and Infant must be demonstrated and a written evaluation will be required during Part 2 or 3.
After successful completion of all three parts, you will receive an HSF Heartsaver® CPR/AED course completion card, valid for one year.
Any fees associated with completer courses (Part 2 and 3) are sold separately and must be completed within 60 days of completing Part 1 online. It is recommended that you arrange a skills completion session with an HSF instructor before you purchase Part 1. 

Heartsaver® Frequently Asked Questions...

How to Order

You can purchase your Heartsaver® key via:
Telephone: 1.877.473.0333
  • Online (Part 1) program cost: $25/ key
  • Methods of payment accepted - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cheque
Ensure you have registered for a Heart and Stroke Foundation Heartsaver® CPR/AED completer class prior to ordering your key.
Please Note: Orders may take up to 2 business days to process.
Order desk is available Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (MT)

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